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Rover-2018 Titan.

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ATOM — 2.0

We completed the final iteration of our first rover by ingeniously integrating existing low-cost technologies in a custom model tailored ‌to the needs of the European Rover Challenge. The precision, adaptability, and relentless focus on not compromising the capabilities while keeping the financial and energy costs low has allowed us to deliver a very high-value system with advanced capabilities in our very first attempt at University Rover Challenge (USA) and European Rover Challenge.


This was the first rover of our team. Highlighting Six Ballon wheeled propulsion system with a modified Rocker - Bogie suspension to provide the optimum stability on MARS like terrain. Aluminum square tubes were used to build a ladder frame chassis for weight reduction. For communication, the custom-built communication system, DHWANI was incorporated. Our tailor-made science system BHOOMI, a 6-DOF robotic arm, and various other sensors performed biological tests.


Cleared Preliminary Design Review (PDR) round at our very first attempt at University Rover Challenge, USA. Qualified to represent NSUT at the European Rover Challenge.

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How it works — The Specifications

Robot Elements Type
Chassis Ladder Frame
Tyres Low-Pressure Polyurethane Balloon Wheels
Suspension Modified Rocker-Bogie
Robotic Arm 4 DOF robotic arm
Communication Frequency Ubiquity Modules
System Board Computers Raspberry pi
Propulsion Motors Carbon Brush motors
Soil Collection 3-D Printed Metallic Drill
Battery 24V Li-Po

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It was qualified for the Final Round of Indian Rover Challenge in Chennai, and finished 13th. Now, Heading towards the University Rover Challenge (URC - 2021), to be held in March 2021.

The Team Behind Titan Rover-18

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